I really like your art and PruAme so "dAAAAAAAW" ;w; < 3 (give me Alfred in a dress ghhh) Have a nice day! uwu

I drew alfred in a skirt, is that close enough? ;3;

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More crossdressing cause hella

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Completely unrelated porn in all three pictures.
And hey guess what I am learning to fucking draw porn poses now, great
chibi penis omfg
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I don’t even care about anything or how shitty this looks I just needed to get this out
it was suppose to have color….
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I draw America so chubby, someone smack me

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Ah fuck a duck.
I’ll practice porn I promise

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"Okay, back to the whipping"

"Can i put on some socks too?"

"Sure! As long as you take off your boxers"


AU where prussia and america are really close friends and have established a BDSM relationship

Alfred’s just naturally shy, but in the bedroom not so much

Gilbert just likes to be dominated

No one knows about this,but its really hard for Gilbert not to call him master out in public for two reasons

one, people will know

and two

Alfred gets turned on by that

they cuddle a lot afterward okay and then i cry

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This is proof enough! Please spread straight awareness and stop shipping two male characters from hetalia together! Clearly from the show’s name being HETALIA it means that there is only straight hetro relationships! Stop making them gay!!!!!! Its not called HOMOtalia now is it?!

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I’ve never watched Sherlock, but my friend, mutualweirdcalledlove , likes him so I tried
And failed
But practice makes perfect

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Have some homestuck pruame with twizzler horned Alfred troll and Prince of Doom Gilbert

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